Please send an email to support@atodds.co.za. We’ll guide you through the store and help where we can. 

Within 10 business days of the returned item having been cleared by @ODDS Head Office, the money will be refunded back to you via EFT.

Please email your request to support@atodds.co.za and a customer support agent will deal with your query.

Please send an email to support@atodds.co.za and we’ll gladly exchange your item for the correct one.

Please send an email to support@atodds.co.za. We’ll process the exchange and try to help you to find the right size for you. If you simply want to swap sizes, you don’t have to wait for a credit. The exchange can be organised immediately: just send an email. Then you can explain what you need: an exchange (no further transactions on your credit card) or a return (you return the item and we reverse payment on your credit card).